B. 1990 Preston ( UK )

Lives and works in Amsterdam.




Francesca’s work is an on going study into light casting temporary displays amongst our environment, emphasising the notion of time passing, hinting at the importance of the present moment.




Throughout her life, the English artist Francesca Aikman has worked directly with the inspiration she receives from nature, painting mainly with ink to translate her feelings and observations, continuously creating both small and large-scale artworks. 


Experienced within the practice of drawing and painting, alongside playing with surface and texture; Francesca is a self-taught creator of painting techniques acquired through avid practice and experimentation.


After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013, completing a BA in Fine art, Francesca moved her practice to Amsterdam starting with a residency in July 2013. Since then she has established a base in Amsterdam where her current studio is, exhibiting across the city whilst also in the UK. Her most recent solo exhibition was at the Painters Palace gallery, Amsterdam, October 2019. (8 Heisteeg, 1012WC Amsterdam)





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