Francesca Aikman's paintings are an ongoing study into light casting temporary displays amongst our environment; 

emphasising the notion of time passing,

hinting at the importance of the present moment.


Francesca paints and creates using a wide variety of materials, techniques and sizes; from small ink paintings made delicately on paper, to much larger expressive versions, mixed media work and giant oil paintings on canvas.

Whether it’s ink or oil, each painting depicts an evolved aesthetic of unconventional angles, abruptly cropped compositions, and stark contrasts of light and shadow. Using her own photography as a reference to paint from, Aikman creates work that incorporates the language of cinematography within painting, combined with her great fascination into chiaroscuro and the painters of the Dutch golden age. Francesca’s art is made as a celebration of the beauty within everyday life.

After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013, completing a BA in Fine art, Francesca moved her practice from the UK to Amsterdam, where her current studio is. Painting daily to express feelings and observations, whilst exhibiting and sharing her work across the city and internationally.


You can request her CV here.



Welcome to Francesca Aikman's online gallery.


B. 1990, Preston, UK

Lives and works in Amsterdam, NL


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